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With versatile controls to choose from, Projects would be a breeze.



We apply PMO practices to improve business performance.



Empower your Outlook to locate content in SharePoint & Project Online

Unify your entire company and complete projects flawlessly.

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Our Features


View and control your projects anywhere from mobile phones, tabs and much more.

Improve Collaboration

With more software to integrate, collaborate with best standards for maximum output.

Big Picture

With the clear timeline of projects, understand the big picture of where your team stands.

Artificial Intelligent

With AI on your side, make accurate decisions from processed data.

Microsoft Project

Project managers are in need of a versatile application that could take care of versatile situations and adhere to many regulations for successful deployment of projects. PM2eazy is a proud partner of Microsoft Projects giving your organization to collaborate more than ever. With features and modules like Performance Dashboard, Resource Management, Project Management, Integration of various applications, AI infused techniques and strategies, Document Management System, Private Chat options and much more giving you the best of collaboration tools to never miss a deadline on your projects. Your projects become more transparent and more visual with PM2eazy project management tool giving you better light and better authority over your projects.

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About Us

PM2eazy is a Project Management tool which was created to streamline any project of any field and to complete the given work on time. It uses the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence and is simple to integrate with the software of your company. With the most simplified solutions, managers can take control over the entire proceedings of the organization and complete every given task with high precision.

With the most comprehensive solutions in our PM2eazy, one can figure out the errors in your work and handle them in the best way possible.

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Keep your projects, resources and teams organized and on track.


Get started quickly

Use the Getting Starting screen to quickly learn about new features. Pre-built project template makes sure you get started on the right track.

Schedule Efficiently

Familiar automated scheduling tools help reduce inefficiency and training time. Multiple timelines make it easier to visualize complex schedules.

Manage resources with ease

Resource management tools help you build project teams, required needed resources and create more efficient schedules.

Make smart decisions

Built-in reports help project stakeholders visualize data to gain insights across projects and make more informed decisions.

Our Services


Every project is considered critical until completion. Most project management software are accessible through computers. Since working styles have changed to work from home, there is need for a desktop to access your projects.

PM2eazy tool can be used on the mobile phone or tab or whatever for seamless control. Integrate with all the required applications to control every perspective of the project for 100% accuracy. Now, you will never have to wait to go to office to complete your projects on time.


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